More details about the tour and Northern Lights

The Northern lights season starts already at the end of August, why ? Because the sky starts to be dark enough, before that, the nights are too bright, in summer we have the midnight sun.

Autumn or Winter ? What is the best time to see the aurora borealis ? Both seasons are very good to see the northern lights. In autumn, the temperatures are not so cold, it’s easier to support it, and before the lakes freeze, we can see the reflection of the northern light on the water of the lake. In winter, northern lights are also very good, and we can enjoy it with a winter wonderland, a lot of snow like a fairy tale.

What colors can we see in the sky ? The main color we can expect to see will be the green. Sometimes if the aurora activity is too small, the green is not very saturated but thanks to the camera we can get nice color. When the solar activity is better, it is also possible to have other colors like : pink, red, blue, purple. The difference of colors is due to the different gas and altitude.

Why to join my tour ? The concept of my company is to work on a friendly way, sharing my lifestyle with people coming here wishing to realize some of their dreams. I favor quality by doing private tours or in small group (8 persons maximum), and sharing my knowledge. Unlike many other companies, I don’t have limit of time or km for the tour to make sure you can enjoy the experience and this gives you much more opportunity to see the aurora borealis.

Why only aurora borealis photography tour ? Why not with other activity like husky, snowmobile ? If your wish is to see the aurora borealis, I would highly recommend you to focus only on it, because associating two activities gives you less opportunity to see the aurora borealis. The location of the other activity can be at the wrong direction and time to see the northern light. The photography part is an excellent plus for your experience, to keep a nice memory. With my professional camera and skills, the colors of the northern lights are more visible than with the eye (except when the aurora activity is very strong, it is nicer to see with eye than with the camera). It helps sometimes to check the sky.