Welcome to Arctic Explore – Meet Louis-Charles BUYCK

Greetings, fellow adventurers! I am Louis-Charles, a born explorer with Swedish and French origins, and since 2018, I’ve been proudly calling Lapland my home. Embracing an outdoor lifestyle and seeking out extreme conditions, I find true fulfillment in the grandeur of nature.

Driven by my passion for this enchanting region, I embarked on a remarkable journey to create my own company, dedicated to offering nothing but the finest experiences to those visiting Lapland. My mission is to help people realize their dream, witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

From stunning landscapes to the enchanting Northern Lights and fascinating wildlife, I take delight in unveiling the wonders of nature for all to behold.

Before founding my company, I honed my expertise as a tour guide in Lapland for several years, immersing myself in the local culture and discovering the hidden gems this land has to offer. Even during my off-hours, my unyielding passion led me to chase the elusive Northern Lights each evening.

Join me on an adventure of a lifetime, as we embark on tours that reflect my true passion. Let us come together under the vast Lapland sky and witness the magical spectacle of the Northern Lights, forging memories that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

I extend a warm welcome to you, and I look forward to sharing unforgettable moments and magical lights with each one of you. 

Booking your dream tour with me is an effortless process designed to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Before any commitment or payment, I prioritize establishing a personal connection with you to tailor the perfect tour and check availability based on your travel dates.

To facilitate this, I kindly request some essential information from you, including:

  1. Your Name: So I can address you personally and ensure a warm welcome.

  2. Group Size: Let me know the number of individuals joining the tour to make necessary arrangements.

  3. Tour Date: Let us know the day you wish to take the tour, and also share the dates of your stay in Rovaniemi. If the weather conditions are unfavorable on your chosen date, we’ll work together to arrange an alternative day if availability

  4. Accommodation Address: Provide the address of your accommodation in Rovaniemi, allowing me to arrange a smooth pick-up for the start of the tour. If you didn’t find yet your accommodation, it’s all right, you can update it to me later.

  5. Contact Details: Sharing a reliable contact number enables me to stay connected. The day before the tour, I will reach out to update you on the weather situation. Additionally, on the day of the tour itself, I will confirm the starting time.

Before confirming your booking, I kindly ask you to read all the provided information about the tour. This ensures you are well-informed about what’s included in the tour package and where the tour commences. If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m here to help!

Chase the Northern Lights – Pay Only When They Shine!

The tour price is set at 250 euros per person (or 275 or 300euros according to the months), and here’s the exciting part – you’ll only make the payment if we witness the Northern Lights. 

To reserve your spot and confirm your interest in joining the tour, I kindly request a deposit of 50 euros per person (for bookings on August, SeptemberOctober, April; or 75 euros per person for bookings on November, January, February, March; or 100 euros per person for bookings on December). Making the payment is easy and convenient via a secure payment link. Your seat will be guaranteed once the deposit is received.

You can easily settle the tour fee either by card or cash at the end of the tour (with your deposit already taken care of, all that’s left is a payment of 200 euros).

As an assurance of my commitment, if, by an extraordinary twist of nature, we do not get the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights during the tour, your deposit will be promptly refunded, and the trip free. 

The captivating Northern Lights usually grace the skies from late August until early April.Outside of the months I mentioned, the nights become too bright due to the enchanting phenomenon known as the « Midnight Sun. » During this time, which occurs in the summer months, the sun remains visible or just below the horizon for extended periods, resulting in 24-hour daylight in regions near the Arctic Circle.

The best moments to travel to Rovaniemi to see the Northern Lights are during the months of September/October and February/March.

  • September and October bring mild temperatures ranging from +15 to -10°C, allowing you to enjoy the show without feeling too cold. Moreover, the nights gradually grow longer during this period, providing ample time to witness the breathtaking Northern Lights. The unfrozen lakes offer a magical touch as the Aurora reflects upon their  waters. Additionally, the cloud coverage during these months is typically lower, making it easier for us to locate the Aurora and share this majestic experience with you.


  • February and March, the beauty of Lapland transforms into a winter wonderland, making it an excellent time to witness the captivating Northern Lights.

    The cold temperatures during these months offer clearer skies, which enhance our chances of spotting the  Aurora.


While these months offer excellent conditions, it’s essential to remember that the Aurora is a natural phenomenon, and its appearance can vary from night to night. We cannot predict the exact conditions far in advance.

End of august and beginning of April are also very good time for aurora, the dark nights are just short.

What about November-December-January ?

During this period, the Northern Lights are also visible, and on some occasions, we may even witness powerful displays. The only difference is that the sky might have more clouds during these months. Nonetheless, I will do my best to make your Aurora experience possible! (driving 7h away one way if needed to get the clear sky).


The best place to see the Northern Lights is in regions located near the Arctic Circle. Popular destinations for witnessing the Aurora Borealis include northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as parts of Canada and Alaska. These areas offer clear, dark skies and minimal light pollution, providing optimal conditions to view the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights.

Every nights, the perfect location is different to catch the Northern Lights  we must be adaptable and prepared to drive to various locations each night.

Rovaniemi, a prime starting point for your Aurora hunt. The city is surrounded by numerous long and straight roads leading in various directions, ensuring a smoother and more efficient hunt for the Northern Lights.


Welcome to Rovaniemi – Your Gateway to the Northern Lights!

Getting to Rovaniemi is a breeze, offering you a range of convenient options:

1. By Plane: Rovaniemi boasts its own airport, situated a mere 12km from the city center. Enjoy excellent connectivity with various European countries, and Helsinki (Capital of Finland). Moreover, during the high season, direct flights from select European capitals make your journey even smoother. We’re proud to be affiliated with renowned airlines such as Finnair, AirFrance, Norwegian, KLM, and Ryanair.

2. By Train: Experience a scenic journey via train to Rovaniemi. Departing from Helsinki, the train ride takes around 12 hours, and you even have the option of night train with couch.

3. By Bus: Traveling by bus from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is another choice (less common). The bus station is conveniently located near the city center, ensuring a hassle-free arrival.

The ideal duration of stay in Rovaniemi for holidays can vary depending on personal preferences and the activities you wish to experience. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Aurora Viewing: To increase the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, it’s recommended to spend at least 3 to 5 nights in the area. The more nights you stay, the higher the likelihood of catching a clear sky and see the aurora with the professional aurora hunter

  2. Winter Activities: If you plan to enjoy winter activities like snowmobiling, husky sledding, ice fishing, or skiing, a stay of around 4 to 7 days will allow you to indulge in various adventures.

  3. Cultural Experiences: To explore the local culture, visit museums, and learn about Lapland’s traditions, spending 2 to 3 days in the city is sufficient.

  4. Santa Claus Village: If you’re traveling with children or are a Christmas enthusiast, allocate at least half a day to a full day to visit the Santa Claus Village and meet Santa.

In general, a stay of 4 to 7 days would allow you to experience a well-rounded visit to Rovaniemi, enjoying a mix of activities, cultural experiences, and the chance to witness the Northern Lights.


Discover Your Perfect Stay in Rovaniemi – A Haven of Options!

Finding the ideal accommodation for your stay is a breeze, with an array of choices that cater to your preferences:

1. AirBnB or Booking: offering diverse options tailored to your needs. For easy access to services, I recommend selecting a location near the city center. If you seek the charm of a traditional chalet nestled in nature, a car rental might be essential to have access to the city center and supermarket.

Northern Night Home AirBnB


Northern Night Home Arctic Explore

2. Hotels: Embrace the comfort of city center hotels with their prime locations. Consider these excellent options: Arctic Light Hotels, Arctic City Hotel, Scandic Rovaniemi City, Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Santa’s Hotel, Scandic Pohjanhovi, Hostel Cafe Koti, Haawe, and Aakenus.

3. Special Accommodations: Venture a little further from the city center (approximately 8 km) and indulge in unique experiences at Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle, Arctic Tree House, or the enchanting Glass Resort.

To immerse yourself in the authentic Finnish culture and warm up after chilly adventures, I highly recommend choosing accommodations that include a sauna—a quintessential delight.

Keep in mind, during the high season, securing your preferred lodging becomes paramount, as prices surge and availability dwindles. Don’t miss out on your dream stay—make sure to book in advance.


The colors of the Aurora can vary, but the most common color is green. This green color is produced when the charged particles from the solar wind collide with the Earth’s atmosphere.

In addition to green, the Aurora can also display other colors, including:

  1. Red: Red auroras (rare) are caused by high-altitude oxygen molecules being excited by the solar particles.

  2. Pink: Pink auroras occur when lower-energy solar particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

  3. Purple and Violet (blue hue): Purple and violet auroras are rarer and occur when solar particles collide with nitrogen molecules at high altitudes.

The colors and intensity of the Aurora depend on the type of gas molecules involved, the altitude of the collision, and the energy of the solar particles.

The concept of my company is to work on a friendly way, sharing my lifestyle with people coming here wishing to realize some of their dreams. I favor quality by doing private tours or in small group (8 persons maximum), and sharing my knowledge. Unlike many other companies, I don’t have limit of time or km for the tour to make sure you can enjoy the experience and this gives you much more opportunity to see the aurora borealis

Why not with other activity or BBQ ? If your wish is to see the aurora borealis, I would highly recommend you to focus only on it, because associating two activities gives you less opportunity to see the aurora borealis. The location of the other activity can be at the wrong direction and time to see the northern light. The photography part is an excellent plus for your experience, to keep a nice memory. With my professional camera and skills, the colors of the northern lights are more visible than with the eye (except when the aurora activity is very strong, it is nicer to see with eye than with the camera). It helps sometimes to check the sky.

The BBQ with aurora is not a good option neither, since we need to be flexible and ready to change the location at any time when the weather is tricky.


Cloth tips

When visiting Rovaniemi, especially during the colder months, it’s essential to dress warmly and in layers to stay comfortable in the Arctic climate. Here are some clothing recommendations:

  1. Base Layers: Start with thermal or moisture-wicking base layers, like thermal tops and leggings, to keep your body insulated and dry.

  2. Mid Layers: Add fleece or down jackets, sweaters, and pants for additional warmth.

  3. Outer Layer: Wear a waterproof and windproof jacket and pants to protect yourself from snow and cold winds.

  4. Accessories: Don’t forget a warm hat, scarf, and gloves or mittens to protect your head, neck, and hands from the cold.

  5. Footwear: Insulated and waterproof boots are crucial to keep your feet warm and dry, especially if you plan to walk in snowy conditions.

  6. Socks: Opt for thick, woolen socks to provide extra insulation for your feet.

  7. Optional: consider bringing hand warmers or foot warmers to keep extra cozy during the outdoor excursions (possible to find in Rovaniemi: intersport, pharmacy)

The Arctic weather can be quite unpredictable, so it’s essential to dress in layers to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day. By wearing appropriate clothing, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your time in Rovaniemi and make the most of your Arctic adventure!

Remember, for the northern light tour, I have some winter overalls and winter boots (no extra fee) if you don’t have adapted winter cloths or if you feel cold even with your cloth

Picture tips

Here are some tips for capturing stunning night-time photos using both your phone and camera:

  1. Use a Tripod: Stability is crucial for night photography, as longer exposure times are often needed. Use a tripod to keep your phone or camera steady and prevent blurriness in your photos.

  2. Turn off Flash: Avoid using the flash, as it can overpower the natural light and may not be effective for distant subjects like the Northern Lights.

  3. Manual Mode (Camera) / Pro mode (phone): switch to manual mode to have more control over settings like shutter speed (long), aperture (wide), and ISO (high)

  4. Long Exposure (Phone): Some newer phone models have a « night mode » or « long exposure » feature. Utilize this mode to capture clearer and brighter night shots.

  5. Focus Manually: In low light conditions, auto-focus may struggle. Use manual focus to ensure your subject is sharp and clear.

  6. Use a timer: the camera’s timer can minimize camera shake during exposure.

  7. Avoid Zoom (Phone): Digital zoom can reduce image quality. Instead, move closer to your subject if possible, or consider cropping the image later.

Remember, my tour includes the photography service. So with my professional camera and skills, I am gonna takes pics of you with the northern lights. This pictures will be edited and sent the next day. If you have your own camera, phone, I can help you to find the good settings.

I invite all enthusiastic souls to join me on this captivating tour to witness the Northern Lights. However, I recommend that young kids do not participate due to certain conditions. The tour involves long drive distances, evening night excursions, and occasionally extreme cold temperatures, which might not be suitable for their comfort and safety.

For everyone else eager to embark on this extraordinary expedition, I look forward to sharing the magic of the Arctic skies with you.